ua vs ga4

GA4 vs Universal Analytics: 10 Differences You Need To Know

In this in-depth comparison of GA4 vs Universal Analytics, we’ll break down the key similarities and differences. Still trying to wrap your brain around the switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4?  Understandable. Admittedly, GA4 isn’t the most user-friendly or intuitive platform. But once you learn to navigate the changes, you’ll be glad Google … Read More

ga4 audit process

How To Conduct a Google Analytics 4 Audit [With Setup Checklist]

Don’t conduct a Google Analytics 4 audit for your website without guidance from a pro—check out our process to help make your GA4 audit a success. If you don’t dwell in the world of SEO all day/every day like some of us do, then Google Analytics 4 may not be on your radar—yet. But it … Read More