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how to start a pack and ship business

How to Start a Pack and Ship Business

The pack and ship industry has become increasingly vital in the era of e-commerce and online shopping. A pack and ship business offers services like packaging, shipping, mailbox rentals, document copying and shredding, to both business and residential customers. The rise of e-commerce has led to huge growth in package volumes being shipped, creating significant … Read More


Best Books on Starting a Business: Essential Reading for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For those embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, continuous learning is invaluable. Reading books written by experienced entrepreneurs provides aspiring business owners with insights, inspiration, and practical guidance for their own ventures. Book List I get a small commission on these (it doesn’t cost you anymore) that helps support the blog. The Value of Learning for … Read More

starting a virtual mailbox and shipping business

How to Start a Mailbox Business in 2024: Step-by-Step Guide

You can start your journey to financial independence and entrepreneurship with a mailbox business. This comprehensive guide unveils the secrets to launching your own mailbox and shipping store. We’ll break down the pros and cons so you can see if this business model is right for you. Key Insights Introduction to Starting a Mailbox Business … Read More

eos life lessons gino wickman

Lessons I Have Learned From The EOS Life By Gino Wickman

I’ve been reading “The EOS Life,” where Gino Wickman discusses five pivotal aspects of life and business. Here’s a glimpse into the lessons I’ve learned, and my personal action plan that you can incorporate into your own business. Key Insights 1. Doing What You Love Finding joy in our work is crucial for lasting satisfaction. … Read More

ga4 keywords

How to Track SEO Keywords in Google Analytics 4

Tracking SEO keywords in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is essential for understanding the organic traffic to your website and optimizing your content. This guide will walkthrough how to find the keywords that are driving organic search traffic to your website by using GA4. Key Insights The Challenge of Organic Keyword Data in Google Analytics A … Read More

steal our report template

Why an SEO Report Template is Critical (Including Examples)

Creating a comprehensive SEO report can be an arduous task for any digital marketer. An SEO report template will help you build a repeatable process you can use to gather important metrics and data that will allow you to accurately track your SEO performance.  In this article, we’ll provide some examples of an effective SEO … Read More

ga4 seo

Google Analytics 4 SEO: The Ultimate Playbook 

Learn to use Google Analytics 4 for SEO so you can make data-driven decisions and continuously improve your website’s performance in organic search results.  In this guide, you’ll find all the Google Analytics 4 SEO tips, tricks, and foundational knowledge you need to make the transition to GA4 a breeze. This Google Analytics SEO (search … Read More

ga4 seo dashboards

Build a Powerful SEO Google Analytics 4 Dashboard

Learn how to create a powerful SEO Google Analytics 4 Dashboard. Here’s how to make your data more insightful and user-friendly so you can optimize traffic. In this guide, you’ll learn how to build the ultimate SEO Google Analytics dashboard, where you can monitor all the KPIs you care about in one simple place.  GA4 … Read More

automate seo reports

Easy Automated SEO Reporting in Just 5 Steps

Ready to put your SEO reporting for clients on autopilot? Here are 5 simple steps to set up automated reporting with minimal time and effort.  Do you dread the time-consuming process of manually creating SEO reports? If so, automated SEO reporting can save you countless hours of work and give you the power to easily … Read More

ua vs ga4

GA4 vs Universal Analytics: 10 Differences You Need To Know

In this in-depth comparison of GA4 vs Universal Analytics, we’ll break down the key similarities and differences. Still trying to wrap your brain around the switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4?  Understandable. Admittedly, GA4 isn’t the most user-friendly or intuitive platform. But once you learn to navigate the changes, you’ll be glad Google … Read More