How Exponential Growth Increased Their Client’s First Page Keywords By 551% (Case Study)


One of our agency partners had a lead generation website client in a competitive industry who wanted to generate new leads to grow their business. They also needed to increase brand awareness and help nurture the leads they had by becoming a credible industry resource. The agency knew where the client wanted to go but they didn’t have the in-house team or processes to get there.


They chose Exponential Growth in order to improve their organic visibility and acquire new customers through organic search. They didn’t want to spend a ton of time and resources on trying to hire and train a new team member when they had to start the work immediately. They wanted to bring on a team that had the right SEO processes to get consistent results and could start executing right away.

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Organic Traffic & Keyword Growth From Our Work

Tactics & Deliverables

Using our keyword research and content strategy process we were able to outline a plan for which pages on the website could be leveraged and optimized and which new pages would need to be developed in order to get visibility in front of their target audience.

Next we created content briefs each month to guide the client’s writer and make sure our content had the best chance at ranking after it was written and published. We optimized 2 of their existing pages each month which helped boost the organic traffic to those pages.

Each month we reported on what the results and trends were for the previous month but more importantly, our reporting focused on the strategic next steps and where the most opportunity was for future growth.

“I was extremely pleased with both the work that John did for me and the results that it is bringing. He was very professional, knows his field inside and out and was an excellent communicator”

– Agency Founder


Utilizing our strategy and monthly deliverables we were able to grow organic traffic by 623% from May 2021 to August 2022.

We took first page keyword rankings from 301 to 1,961 (551% increase) from May 2021 to August 2022.

Total keyword footprint grew from 1,719 to 15,781 (812% increase) from May 2021 to August 2022.

Before and After Data

  • Organic traffic (ahrefs)
    • From (May 2021): 3,703
    • From (Aug 2021): 5,485
    • To: (May 2022): 19,241
    • To (Aug 2022): 26,802
  • First Page Keywords
    • From (May 2021): 301
    • From (Aug 2021): 491
    • To: (May 2022): 1,562
    • To (Aug 2022): 1,961
  • Total Keywords
    • From (May 2021): 1,729
    • From (Aug 2021): 4,624
    • To: (May 2022): 12,190
    • To (Aug 2022): 15,781
  • Traffic Value
    • From (May 2021): $3,253
    • From (Aug 2021): $8,323
    • To: (May 2022): $12,504
    • To (Aug 2022): $15,191
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